Computer Services for PC's

We can repair any computer or laptop from any manufacturer. We have the knolwedge & experience necessary to fix your computer today!

Computer Services for Apple

We can restore your Mac Computer to its optimal working condition for far less than the Apple stores! We house one of the few Apple Certified Repair technicians in the valley.






Lisa G. Yelper

And, the computer is fixed the next day! Less than 24 hours later I'm picking it up... Read Whole Review on Yelp!

Scott B. Yelper

I took my laptop in to Sam (the owner) and he diagnosed the issues quickly for a $35. fee (Geek Squad charges $70. to do this) and set me up with a new hard drive ($90.)...Read Whole Review on Yelp!

Computer Repair Woodland Hills

ACS Computer Repair in Woodland Hills is the easy choice for fast, affordable, professional and efficient computer repair service in the San Fernando Valley. We can repair any software or hardware problem from a failed hard drive to liquid damage all in house without ever shipping your computer across the country. Trained on the latest methods for safe and efficient computer repair, we house some of the most highly skilled repair techicians in Los Angeles county.

If you are experiencing problems with your laptop or desktop pc do not hestitate. Bring it in to ACS for computer repair in Woodland Hills. We can provide you with a Free Computer Diagnostic check to locate the problem of your pc. This means that if your computer is running slow or is making a funny noise or even failing to open files correctly, ACS can help. We will locate the problem and provide you with a Free computer repair estimate. This way you will be informed of the problem, given the option of repair as well as the cost.

One common problem is computer viruses. A computer virus can manifest itself in several sneaky, destructive and very annoying ways. Although all viruses do not cause a great deal of obstruction to computer use, all computer viruses are actually great cause for concern. They should always be treaeted immediately as overtime some can become more malicious. There are even viruses so sophisticated today that they begin as a fake antivirus software that will tell the computer owner that their pc has been infected and a download of an antivirus cleaner is needed. This antivirus download then becomes the real virus that will wreak havoc on your computer. Viruses have several classifications but most fall within adware or spyware. Either way if you suspect you have a computer virus you should call ACS at (818) 888-3330 for computer repair in Woodland Hills ca.

If you feel that we are the right choice for you. You can call us today to book service or send in a contact request online at any time, 7 days a week to request. We will greet you with only the best in customer and computer service, guaranteed.